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September 2007



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Sep. 20th, 2007



(no subject)

I've noticed in the past few years, when going out to gay bars that I tend to try and dress a bit more androgynous-ly. This mostly being because when I try to dress up and show off my feminine side I'm often mistaken as straight, or a "fag hag". I've always wondered how many other femmes here experience the same thing? I remember one year I was facilitating a femme workshop and one woman expressed how when she dresses up for a night out, she usually gets cat calls and lots of attention for men out on the street, but once in the bar, she's completely ignored by women. I think we both agreed, why couldn't it be the other way around?

I guess my other question would be for the butches, when you're out at a queer function, how do you know when a girl is queer and femme or just straight and hanging out with her gay friends?

Aug. 26th, 2007



Shopping Tip

I am a larger sized OFOS butch and have had a difficult time trying to find the right sized clothes and at an affordable price.  But I have had very good luck shopping at the K-Mart in St. Johns, Michigan.  St. Johns is just north of the caital city of Lansing, and sits back off of US 27.  In case there is anyone else living in the area, experiencing the same problem, I wanted to share that there is a place to go that not only carry bigger sizes, but have reasonable prices and great sales.

I was there last night, and they had a lot of sales going on, and for the appearal marked "Clearance" there is an additional 50% off.  I bought 5 pairs of shorts and 2 t-shirts for $33.

Apr. 20th, 2007

me yankee style



I open with the original post that I started the OFOS on 08-20-2004 on another site:

The OFOS (Old fashioned/old school) butches speak to the femmes.

You've seen us before but maybe slighted us... well, if that's the case then listen up, my sweet sisters.

We care completely about our femmes and would do anything for them.
Don't take this for being 'an easy ride' and don't treat us like we are your 'boy toys'.

No, we are above and beyond all that.

We are the butches who value our relationships with our true queens.

We open doors, slide out the chairs, bring flowers and little 'I love you' gifts,leave you notes, and tell you how beautiful you are to us.
There is not a day that will pass that you will not know that we love you. We will shower you with love in all ways... emotionally, physically, spiritually, and sexually.
We will be your best friend, your companion, your lover, your wife, your confidant, your right hand man, the shoulder you lean on, the heart that will connect with yours and the best thing in your life. When you falter, we will be there to help you rebuild yourself. When you succeed, we will be there to cheer you on. When you are hesitant, we will be there to support your every move.

We look out for our sweet ladies. If we see someone hurting you, destroying your spirit, upsetting you, being more of an enemy then a friend, hindering your growth... it is us who will stand up for you and your well being.

Romancing our femmes is what we are about. True romance comes from within... it can't be taught. It seeps thru our souls and our whole entire being... right out to you. Charming a woman isn't what we do because a charmer is after their own selfish needs... be it sexual, monetary or other reasons. They will charm you until they get what they want. No, us OFOS butches aren't about charming a lady. We love them for who they are: big, beautiful, short, tall, blonde, brunette, red head, thin, young, old, a latina princess, an ebony queen, a greek goddess, an irish lass, an asian sweetheart, ultra, lipstick, stone, stone queer, hard, soft femmes... what ever you identify with we are forever about YOU and no one else.
You are our world. Don't confuse us for 'stalkers' because we aren't out to harm, control, possess you or obess on you.

If you think you can use us, abuse us, take us for granted, run our lives, demean us, change us, destroy us, deceive us... you are mistaken. Keeping us at arms length, pushing us aside, not being supportive, not letting us show emotions... don't treat us like we are nothing.
The OFOS butches are gold... and if you can't see that then YOU DON'T DESERVE US. We are women thru and thru, and love being with other women... proud lesbians just like you.
Why be condesending to us? Why lie and betray, hurt and throw us away? Why treat us like we are you're competition? We don't care if you use tools or drive a truck, wear boxers or chew tobacco... you're a femme no matter what you do and what you wear. Don't mistake us for your exes, because us OFOS butches... we are a whole different person.
Believe me when I say, you are our everything, We worship and value you. We love and support you. We communicate well... so don't treat us like idiots. Don't try to fool us, manipulate or cheat us... it will take the love out of our hearts for you.

So to our true femmes who value and respect us. The beautiful ladies who cherish and are loyal to us. Femme goddesses with hearts made of gold. Sweet women of compassion and love. Honest and truthful, tender and compassionate beauties. The lovely ladies who can watch us cry, hurt, scream, laugh, love, ache, rejoice and not tear us down for it. The princesses of our community that want us to be their prince. To all the real women who know what love is and that know what a relationship entails. Yes... to all you wonderful, sweet, caring femmes.... we are here and we are uniting right now to tell you that our spirits won't die. The OFOS butches are strong and confident, caring and considerate... and we are HERE.

We honor our butch brothers by standing by their sides. The true OFOS butches know the code of honor. WE don't date our brothers' exes, we don't break up their relationships, we encourage their choices and respect their territories. We are confident enough to do this, and strong enough to not fall prey to things that will hurt our butch brotherhood. We don't stand in the way of each other. No matter how dumb our dreams sound to each other, we may disagree... but in the end ... we are right there for our buddy. No matter if their gf is the worse you can imagine and hurting them, they will know our opinion... but it will stay as that. We can disagree with each others' lifestyles and still share a beer. Tell each other the God's honest truth... and know that THIS IS OUR TRUE BROTHER and respect each other. We don't throw each other away. We know each others' faults... but our butch brothers have our unconditional love.
We are loyal to family and friends... most especially, we are loyal to YOU. Treat us like kings and you'll be our queens. We'll live in a castle even if it's in a shack or a tent lol. We don't care how much you make, what you wear, how you look, where you've been or who you've been with last... all we care about is who you are now as a person. Bank accounts and fancy things don't make us smile... you are our only treasure and pleasure. Heart connections are what matters to us.
We are the true OFOS butches.
Let's hear from my fellow OFOS butches and the women who love us right now.